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  1. Simon

    2005-01-26: Hotel Cafe, Los Angeles, CA

    When I went to download this performance it seemed to only have the last three tracks... is that the case? Cheers.
  2. Simon

    Post Your Regina Spektor Collections

    That's a great collection, I have a few vinyls and all the CD's bar 11:11 because who has managed to get hold of that?! I have just ordered a live in California CD and looking forward to that arriving. My favourite collecton piece though so far is the below because they were my favourite performances yet.
  3. Simon

    Site Is Live Again!

    I have just found this site and want to say thank you! I am currently downloading all the stuff you have as I am a huge fan and it's amazing. Keep up the great work and yes, if you can do the files in batches of songs that would be great as it's taking me a while... but I guess it is taking you even longer! Again thank you!