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  1. I love records, and I LOVE REGINA SPEKTOR! One day (Far was already out), I realized I didn't have any of her physical albums, so I went to Bullmoose online to buy all her available albums. I quickly acquired her record discography, and resorted to buying variants and test pressings. Over the years and almost daily I have scoured the internet for her records at reasonable prices. I don't always buy the first few that I see, but occasionally (like my latest buy) I will snatch up a record I do not have. I know there are many more compact discs out there than records, so I don't want to go that route and spend more money. Plus, I do not buy c.d.'s. Anyway, I would like to see everyone's collection of Regina Spektor items! Pins, ticket stubs, flyers, posters, c.d.'s, records, autographs, photographs, meet-and-greets, and anythything else related to Regina!
  2. Waldo

    2017-01-06 Live on KEXP

    I wished there was a vinyl version of this like Rough Trade did with the Aldous Harding performance. Actually, there's a handful of other KEXP performances that I would like to see as well.
  3. Waldo

    2009 White Session

    Thanks again! This new link also worked for me. This would come up:
  4. Waldo

    1999 Demo Cassette

    Awesome. This new link worked for me. Thanks!
  5. Waldo

    2009 White Session

    Blocked by two providers!! Any other options to downloading this?
  6. Waldo

    1999 Demo Cassette

    Blocked by two providers!! Any other options to downloading this?