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  1. Fiddlefish

    Regina-Mojis !

    Wow! This is brilliant!
  2. Fiddlefish

    May's Poll

    This is a good question format for the monthly polls!
  3. Fiddlefish

    Introducing myself

    Honestly, it's really impressive that you've done all this yourself. I hope this site goes from strength to strength as it continues to gain popularity. I wouldn't have been able to download lots of her live stuff if it wasn't up here so I'm very appreciative all the work you have done here!
  4. Fiddlefish

    March’s Poll

    It's a nice song but I wouldn't be believing Regina if i heard her singing those lyrics. They don't seem like something she would say. But anything from her would be good!
  5. Fiddlefish

    March’s Poll

    I prefer Love Profusion more then any of the others have you heard it? Its originally by Madonna but she covered it. 00 - Love Profusion - Regina Spektor.mp3