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  1. Regis Memory

    December's Poll

    December poll! I plan to update the polls more active in the new year! Warmest wishes! 😃
  2. Regina, via her email subscriber list: This song, called "Birdsong", began with a few lines of a poem he (Matthew Weiner, director and writer of the Romanoffs) was writing, he texted me the poem, and I heard the first two lines as a melody, so I texted him my little beginning of a song... After that, many months later, he called and as I rode in a car from the east side of LA to the west, he told me the whole beautiful story of the episode. When the ride was over, I had the chance to quietly sit and write a song full of the images he told me about... He imagined the song on classical guitar, and flowing right into a very gorgeous piece of music called "Berceuse from the Dolly Suite, Op. 56" by Gabriel Fauré. I fell in love with that piece and tried to create a simple transition from the song into the piece so it could work for the final scene of the episode. (*a very VERY special and magical scene, may I add!) A talented classical guitarist named Atticus McKittrick played the guitar part. An actress and musician, Melinda Dahl lip synchs my part of the song in the last scene. (Just mentioning, because she is wearing a lot of amazing makeup from "Dios de la Muertos"/"Day of the Dead" and some may have thought it was actually me... it's just my voice.) Hope you watch this, and other episodes of this mesmerizing and original show... And wishing you a lot of fun and beauty in the days to come! Listen to the song here:
  3. Regis Memory

    "Birdsong" out now!

    “Birdsong” out now!! The song was featured on the amazon series "The Romananoffs". If anyone is experiencing deja-vu Regina has an older track with the same title as her new song! Here is the older one... https://youtu.be/dMAvwJbUuzc Buy and stream the new song here: https://lnk.jprince.net/birdsong
  4. Regis Memory

    November's Poll

    What are your hopes for Regina's next album? Listen to Birdsong, the newest single by Regina Spektor!
  5. Regis Memory

    Young Regina

    Screencaps from the Bleeding Heart music video and other Spektor family photos. There is no intention of invading the privacy of Regina Spektor and her family.
  6. Regis Memory

    Fan mail

    I’ve been wondering this too. Seems the best way is to catch her after a concert or to tweet her. Jack always answers messages if you really want to contact her. I messaged him about his new album and we had a great conversation!
  7. Regis Memory

    July's Poll

    Have you seen this? it’s filmed by the same director of Black and white.
  8. Regis Memory

    July's Poll

    What is your favorite music video from Remember us to Life? Tell us why in the comments! Do you have a favourite director from the mix?
  9. Regis Memory

    Happy Birthday Begin to Hope!

    Begin to hope CD 12 years ago today (June 13, 2006), Regina Spektor released her first major-label album Begin to Hope. The album peaked No. 20 on Billboard 200 and established Regina as an indie icon. To celebrate the occasion, here are our favourite lyrics from each of the 19 tracks on the album's Bonus Track Version. "Fidelity" "I never loved nobody fully Always one foot on the ground And by protecting my heart truly I got lost in the sounds" "Better" "You're getting sadder, getting sadder Getting sadder, getting sadder And I don't understand, and I don't understand" "Samson" "Oh, I cut his hair myself one night A pair of dull scissors in the yellow light And he told me that I'd done alright And kissed me 'til the morning light, the morning light And he kissed me 'til the morning light" "On the Radio" "On the radio We heard November Rain That solo's really long But it's a pretty song We listened to it twice Cause the DJ was asleep" "Field Below" "Again the sun was never calledAnd darkness spreads over the snow" "Hotel Song" "I have dreams of Orca whales and owls But I wake up in fear" "Après Moi" "Après moi, le deluge After me comes the flood" "20 Years of Snow" "And the words float out like holograms And the words float out like holograms And the words float out like holograms" "That Time" "Hey, remember that month when I only ate boxes of Tangerines, so cheap and juicy Tangerines" "Edit" "White lines on your mind Keep it steady You were never ready for the lies" "Lady" "But on this stage I've learned to fly Learned to sing And learned to cry Little wet tears on my baby's shoulder" "Summer In the City" "Don't get me wrong, dear In general I'm doing quite fine It's just when it's summer in the city And you are so long gone from the city I start to miss you, baby, sometimes" "Another Town" "In another town Don't let me forget In another town Mouth full of regrets In another town Please place final bets" "Uh-Merica" "Somewhere between the cobblestone floor and the slated wooden ceiling Cuddling my semi-automatic, with a very fuzzy feeling" "Baobabs" "And you have tamed meNow you must take me" "Düsseldorf" "In Prague I knew I'd been a witch Burnt alive, a pyre of Soviet kitsch It made me miss my Moscow muttdom It made me miss my New York nothing" "Musicbox" "I run the water very very very hot And then I fill the sink to the top with bubbles of soap And then I set all the bottle caps I own afloat And it's the greatest voyage in the history of plastic" "Hero" "I'm the hero of the story, don't need to be saved" "Bartender" "Love will be the death of me Love is so fickle It starts with a flood And it ends with a tr-tr-trickle" Honorable mentions: "Hey, remember that time when you OD'dHey, remember that other time when you OD'd for the second timeWell, in the waiting room, while waiting for news of you, I hallucinated I could read your mindAnd I was on a lot of shit, too, but what I saw, man...I tell you it was freakyFreaky" - That Time "But I got to get me out of here This place is full of dirty old men And the navigators with their mappy maps And moldy heads and pissing on sugar cubes" - 20 Years of Snow "You are my sweetest downfall" - Samson “This is how it works: you're young until you're not; you love until you don't; you try until you can't; you laugh until you cry; you cry until you laugh, and everyone must breathe until their dying breath” – On the Radio And finally... "UH-MERICA" Reply with your favourites!
  10. Regis Memory

    June Site News

    Over the past few months you may have been unable to view the downloads page. This problem has been resolved and all is well with the site. I need help creating an all-in-one discography file. It will have the best version of every unreleased song. Reginasaurus.net was built to expand your own collection. This file will make it easier for newcomers. Please message me if you'd like to help. With 40 some members, and over 2000 file downloads, Reginasaurus.net is going strong! We still need your help though, If you have any recording that is not already on the site please upload it! Best regards, Jacob Prince
  11. Regis Memory

    June's Poll

    Victory Curls / 40’s BOBbing for apples / Remember us to Life tour The “Jack Dishel” / Better music video The “Janice” / Straightened The “Free Spirit” / Curls Janice for reference ? Reply with your favourite hairstyles that I didn’t mention!
  12. Regis Memory

    Brooklyn Steel

    Just got my tickets! Is anyone gonna be there??
  13. Regis Memory

    The Theatre at Ace Hotel

    Tickets and info here: https://www.axs.com/events/354690/regina-spektor-tickets
  14. Regis Memory

    About old Songs

    I had a slight suspicion about a new album... it may still come true with the Austrailia shows coming up. I was thinking she might record a live show with her "never before heard" songs, and make it an album. One song I really want recorded is Begin to Hope.
  15. Regis Memory

    Edmonton Folk Festival / Gallagher Park

    Tickets and Info here: https://edmontonfolkfest.org/