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    Regina Spektor Shares Dreamy New Cover of "No Matter What You Do" Featuring Jakob Dylan

    Edited by Jacob Prince

    Regina Spektor and Jakob Dylan's “No Matter What You Do” cover was shared yesterday ahead of the release of the Film Documentary “Echo In The Canyon” & it’s accompanying soundtrack. The song was originally sung by the band Love in 1966. The soundtrack, out Friday, will feature Regina on multiple tracks. Regina is also featured in the film.

    Echo In The Canyon explores the impact of the "California Sound" and it's lasting influence on popular music. In the film, modern-day artists tell their experience with the California Sound alongside the people who created it. Norah Jones, Beck, Brian Wilson, and Ringo Starr are featured in the film, among others.

    "Echo In The Canyon" Director Andrew Slater commented on the film in a recent interview,

    "It’s as much about the idea of a simpler time and the sense of community and friendship shared by these musicians at that time, and it pays homage to them plus the idea that all of this music has influenced this generation in the film.

    It’s in Beck’s work, Jakob Dylan’s work, Cat Power’s work — whether it’s the architecture of sound of Brian Wilson or that electrification of folk music and harmony the Byrds have. Or obviously the Beatles, what we began to love about modern rock recording. It’s all there.

    I hope it shines a light on things that we love about those artists and that time and place where they lived."

    Echo In The Canyon opens to the public on Friday, May 24th at Hollywood’s Arclight Cinerama Dome and Landmark Theater with showings throughout the weekend. Special guest performances will take place after the 8:30 PM Cinerama Dome showings on May 24th, 25th and 26th and 7 PM Landmark showings on May 24th, 25th and 26th. There will be showings in New York at the Angelika and the Landmark at 57 West on May 31 before the film’s wide release in select theaters this June.

    Hear Regina's cover and watch the film's trailer below:



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