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    Regina Spektor on her newest single “Birdsong”

    Edited by Jacob Prince

    Regina, via her email subscriber list:

    This song, called "Birdsong", began with a few lines of a poem he (Matthew Weiner, director and writer of the Romanoffs) was writing, he texted me the poem, and I heard the first two lines as a melody, so I texted him my little beginning of a song... After that, many months later, he called and as I rode in a car from the east side of LA to the west, he told me the whole beautiful story of the episode. When the ride was over, I had the chance to quietly sit and write a song full of the images he told me about... He imagined the song on classical guitar, and flowing right into a very gorgeous piece of music called "Berceuse from the Dolly Suite, Op. 56" by Gabriel Fauré. I fell in love with that piece and tried to create a simple transition from the song into the piece so it could work for the final scene of the episode. (*a very VERY special and magical scene, may I add!) A talented classical guitarist named Atticus McKittrick played the guitar part. An actress and musician, Melinda Dahl lip synchs my part of the song in the last scene. (Just mentioning, because she is wearing a lot of amazing makeup from "Dios de la Muertos"/"Day of the Dead" and some may have thought it was actually me... it's just my voice.) Hope you watch this, and other episodes of this mesmerizing and original show... And wishing you a lot of fun and beauty in the days to come!

    Listen to the song here:


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