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    @HerSweetestDownfall i love it! There are so many lines that I know are from somewhere but I can’t quite remember what song it’s from. When I read Boris Pasternak it is clear that Regina took a lot of inspiration from him. The cycle repeats!
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    Here is a poem I wrote with quite a few references to different Regi songs - can you spot them all? Your Face I've watched your face through the years And never noticed as you've aged. Now looking back I see I missed it. I see all the ways you've changed. Innocent. The light was shining in your eyes from the start. Your fearless creativity a gift you freely share. Curious. You've always wanted to know the answer, and you continue searching even if no one lives long enough to know what the point is. Betrayed. "Why shouldn't it be me?" he asked, and you were too young to answer. But it didn't break your spirit because our eyes see best with contrast. Without the dark, we can't see the light. Silly, and serious. Even Jiminy Cricket and Santa Clause know that laughing with God is sometimes all we have. Sexy. With your eyes, your lips, your voice you are effortlessly seductive and confidently fall into my arms. Loving. Anyone whose hair you cut has stars falling on their heads. Daring. Depressed. Difficult. Wise. I want to count the years with my fingers on your skin. I want to know every crease of your eyes. I want to kiss the wrinkles on your cheeks and run my fingers through your silver hair. I want to watch myself age in the reflection of your eyes And let your heart synchronize within me To a love we've never known.
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    2017-03-13 The Foundry at The Fillmore, Philadelphia 23 of 24 Hotel Song.mp3 View File 2017-03-13 The Foundry at The Fillmore, Philadelphia 23 of 24 Hotel Song.mp3 Submitter Lighttherock Submitted 04/01/2020 Category Live Recordings  
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    That's a great collection, I have a few vinyls and all the CD's bar 11:11 because who has managed to get hold of that?! I have just ordered a live in California CD and looking forward to that arriving. My favourite collecton piece though so far is the below because they were my favourite performances yet.
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    I have just found this site and want to say thank you! I am currently downloading all the stuff you have as I am a huge fan and it's amazing. Keep up the great work and yes, if you can do the files in batches of songs that would be great as it's taking me a while... but I guess it is taking you even longer! Again thank you!
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    We’ve made a lot of serious updates to the site over the past few weeks, so here’s one that’s just for fun. Introducing: Regina-Mojis The update includes the five reactions seen above, and ten emojis for use in your posts. To type a Regina-Moji just click the smiley-face in your comment/post 's editor bar. Press the heart to react to this post, and have fun talking in the forums!
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    [Verse] I don't care that flowers grow for you And me, and me You don't know what love is till you see Her standing there A web of skin and nails and hair A web of skin and nails and hair And bones and bones And thorns Rushing in, out her hair You think you are alive, but you are dead You keep, on driving in your car asleep I'm driving in your car I dont know why flowers grow in winter time The sky turns gray the sun don't shine And people rush to be on time For warmth they wrap them selves in woolen cloaks And hats and scarves Like larva in their incubated cars Like larva in their cars And drive and drive [Outro] And drive and drive and drive Until they get away