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    We’ve made a lot of serious updates to the site over the past few weeks, so here’s one that’s just for fun. Introducing: Regina-Mojis The update includes the five reactions seen above, and ten emojis for use in your posts. To type a Regina-Moji just click the smiley-face in your comment/post 's editor bar. Press the heart to react to this post, and have fun talking in the forums!
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    [Verse] I don't care that flowers grow for you And me, and me You don't know what love is till you see Her standing there A web of skin and nails and hair A web of skin and nails and hair And bones and bones And thorns Rushing in, out her hair You think you are alive, but you are dead You keep, on driving in your car asleep I'm driving in your car I dont know why flowers grow in winter time The sky turns gray the sun don't shine And people rush to be on time For warmth they wrap them selves in woolen cloaks And hats and scarves Like larva in their incubated cars Like larva in their cars And drive and drive [Outro] And drive and drive and drive Until they get away