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Jacob Prince

Site Is Live Again!

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Hi all, sorry for any inconveniences with the site being down for so long. I had an issue with the domain provider but that is now resolved. I’m currently working on organizing the downloads section so that you don’t have to download every separate song in a file. I’m also adding metadata to those files and offering an unreleased collection with songs organized by year. Thanks for coming back! If there are ever any problems with the site, or if you are looking for specific files, send me a message on Facebook and I’ll be glad to help.


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I have just found this site and want to say thank you! I am currently downloading all the stuff you have as I am a huge fan and it's amazing. Keep up the great work and yes, if you can do the files in batches of songs that would be great as it's taking me a while... but I guess it is taking you even longer! Again thank you!

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