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  • Reginasaurus
  • Welcome to Reginasaurus.net! The only active website dedicated to preserving the music of Regina Spektor.

    Upload recordings to help grow the database,  grow your personal collection of Regina Spektor recordings, upload cute pictures of regina,

    or have fun talking in the forum!


    Winter 2017, Two students got the idea to preserve the works of Regina Spektor. After weeks of work and tons of code, reginasaurus.net was created.  The website brings together Spektor's fans and lets them contribute to the community. Regina has praised our site over twitter, and thanked us for the gesture. 

    You might ask why anyone would make a database like this? To answer your question, I am going to teach you a lesson in how fleeting preservation is. Months before reginasaurus.net was even thought of, another Regina Spektor Database existed. It held practically every recording of Spektor one could want. One day the site disappeared without explanation, and tons of recordings went missing. We then created reginasaurus.net to preserve the works of Regina Spektor for years to come, And prevent precious recordings from going missing again.


    To share every recording of Spektor on our website, we must upgrade our servers for more storage. 
    The price is hard to come by for two working students. We are asking for some small bills and change to reduce the costs of upgrading.

    Thank you.